Monday, April 4, 2011


Last weekend I got the request for buttermilk biscuits, which I made and they turned out ok. But, I was left with a half gallon of buttermilk (minus 1 cup, of course). Found a recipe for buttermilk pound cake and I had everything needed to make it. Pretty basic directions, found a bundt pan in my cabinet that has never been used, and it is. Made a quick maple glaze for the top and it is a huge success. Kinda like an old-fashioned buttermilk doughnut with maple frosting.

On the agenda for next weekend....baking using Easter candy. Look out Peeps! Your fate is sealed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lets Try This Again!

OK, so the last blog was sure to be doomed from the start! A beer a day SOUNDS great, and that's not to say I did not have a beer a day. It was the writing about it that never quite made it to fruition! So this one will be not quite so grand a commitment....I promise at least one post a month. Inspired by the blog that apparently was inspired by my previously, long dormant blog! Thanks for the inspiration, Korrin! Hopefully I can make it up to OR this summer!

So, I was bored on this vacation day, plans to go disc golfing ruined by rain, so I have had the baking itch for a few weeks and finally gave in. Went for a basic...drop sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon-sugar. Almost a snickerdoodle, but not quite......